Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009 Issue Now Available

Cyber social networking is helping to fuel the current Iranian protest against recent election results.  But with Iran’s government trying to stem the opposition’s mobilization by actively removing opposition Web sites and attempting to slow down social networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter, the world is being deprived of information concerning this major political movement. Iranian censorship of the Internet is not unique.  The Chinese government tried to shut down dissidents’ online use at the time of Tiananmen. Other nations face such roadblocks to cyber information. This issue of The Convergence Newsletter offers two articles examining problems of Internet access in Ethiopia. We also present a study focusing on India’s use of media, examining how and where convergence in that country takes place.

June 2009: Commentary from the Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

Fulbright Scholar Alice Klement provides a view from what she calls the “wrong side of the digital divide.” Her article offers insight into Ethiopia’s technology shortfalls, which she says interfere in the advancement of media convergence and are compounded by governmental censorship of Web sites.

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June 2009: The "Imprisoned" Internet of AAU

Addis Abada University graduate student Sileshi Yilma addresses student concerns about the Ethiopian university's censorship of Web sites that are important tools in the research of social and political issues.

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June 2009: Meeting Media Needs: What You Learn When You Ask Your Students Questions

Dr. John Cokley of the University of Queensland presents quantitative findings from a 2008 convergence journalism workshop in Delhi, India. Participating journalists from across India provide insight into media consumer needs and just how those needs are being met. 

June 2009: Conferences and Training

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