Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 2009 Issue Now Available

After a too-long hiatus (TCN executive editor Doug Fisher explains), The Convergence Newsletter returns for 2009 with more material culled from October's Convergence Conference at USC.

Read the February issue of The Convergence Newsletter here.

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February 2009: Goodbye Convergence, Hello 'Webvergence': The Decline of Broadcast-Print Partnerships in an Increasingly Online Media World

In the early days of convergence, the newsroom of the future was envisioned: all manner of media platforms – newspaper and television, mostly – sharing information, staff, and resources all under the same roof.

Has this panned out? Mostly not, suggest Drs. Susan Keith of Rutgers University and Leslie-Jean Thornton of Arizona State University. Keith and Thornton interviewed scores of TV and newspaper managers to find out the degree to which such hotly anticipated partnerships ever came to fruition.

February 2009: The Root of ‘Empowerment’ is Power: An Examination of Political Engagement and the Web

What has been the political impact of the Internet in the United States? On the heels of a history-making presidential campaign, this is not just a fascinating but an important question.

Laurel Gleason of Ohio State University examines the matter and suggests we may have only just begun to scratch the surface.

February 2009: Taking the Future of Journalism into Our Own Hands

Over the years, much of the academic study in the area of journalism has consisted of investigations of and about journalists and journalism – yet, as Dr. John Cokley of Australia's University of Queensland points out, there has been precious little happening in studies for journalists and journalism.

Cokley proposes turning the lens of study to show the journalist’s point of view. How the future of journalism turns out could depend on it.

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February 2009: Conferences and Training

Read the conference and training schedule from February's issue here.

Recent and archived issues of The Convergence Newsletter